Pousada Pixaim (only for fishing) - closed in this moment

Transpantaneira km 65

The Pousada Pixaim is an old, once very famous and often visited Hotel which has economically suffered a lot during the last years. It is situated directly at the Rio Pixaim and was once the only starting point for excursions into the Pantanal, especially for fishermen and ernithologists as well as for other trips. The only gas station along the Transpantaneira was here as well.

This year, a new owner has „revived“ the Hotel. All rooms have just been removated completely and are excellentla furnished (air-conditioning, fly-net in front of the windows, bathroom, shower/toilet) etc.

As the Hotel is situated directly at the Transpantaneira as well as at the Rio Pixaim, it is an ideal starting point for boat and fishing trips. The Pousada has 10 rooms altogether (double and triple rooms). There is a television in the restaurant/lounge. Bevereages can be bought. There is a small souvenir shop as well.
The restaurant serves regional cuisine only. We recommend the very delicious fish dishes (Piranha, Pacu and Pintado).

Until the end of the year, the Hotel will also have a swimming-pool as well as horses. Then trips by horse will also be possible.


The booking of a travel-guide is mandatory. The staff of the hotel has at least basic knowledge of english, spanish, and of course portuguese. But our own travel guides are professional biologists – with excellent knowledge of flora and fauna of the Pantanal – and speak english fluently.

They are living at the farm with you 24 hours a day. Apart from the price mentioned above, you do not have any extra costs. You may arrange very individual trips with your travel guide. He starts his job at your arrival at the airport an dhe accompanies you to the airport when you leave. Tha means: Should you stay for 5 nights, you would have to pay the travel guide for 6 days (from your arrivel to your departure).

This Lodge is closed at the moment